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The first release heralding the return of Necropolitan Press, Paul G. Tremblay's The Harlequin & the Train: A Novella is available now.

Plot Summary:
Rudy has only been on the job as a train engineer for a few months. While at the helm of a commuter train headed to Boston, Massachusetts, it hits a harlequin clown, and in the chaotic aftermath, he witnesses the horrific and inexplicable actions of a group of people who were seemingly laying in wait for the accident. There are other accidents and as the group infiltrates his life (present and past), and as random global acts of violence and suffering seem to be connected, what Rudy believes about others and himself will be forever warped as he makes his final choice.

Artwork by JET
An Introduction To Our Past...
Which Leads To Our Future...

Founded in 1993 by Publisher/Editor Jeffrey Thomas, Necropolitan Press is an independent publisher in the genres of horror, science-fiction, dark fantasy, and the Unclassifiable.

T. S. Eliot said that the "end is where we start from." This is true of Necropolitan Press. The first project published was The End magazine, which ran through five issues, and since then Necroplitan Press has released a number of highly regarded single or multiple author chapbooks, each compellingly illustrated. Stories and poems from these various projects have been reprinted in DAW Books' The Year's Best Horror Stories and received Honorable Mention in St. Martins' The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

At its best, the small press is a sanctuary for writers -- and readers -- who shun the common fodder. Our aim is to cast a little more light on such publications; especially, of course, our own!

Originally written for the previous Necropolitan Press website.

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